Let’s talk about colour

Discover the power of colours for your dream house because colours affect your emotions.
Even Goethe recognized the influence of colours on people.

The way we experience colours and how they affect our emotions is subject to many different factors -Europeans marry in white, others wear white to a funeral.

Colours influence people, but in different ways. They follow trends and certain spirits of times. Architectural constrains might have to be considered as well: what colour are the windows in your house? And last but not least colours show your individual taste.
RAL-colour fan


conservatory colours – reflection of time and personal tastes


Sunshine gives you the option to design a multi-coloured conservatory. A dark dirt-repelling colour for the outside and a light warm colour for a cozy inside.

There are more than 200 colours to choose from. You pick your individual colour from a  RAL- colourfan . Each shade is named and numbered. These standards are easily understood and binding for everybody – worldwide! They are set by Deutschen Institut für Gütesicherung und Kennzeichnung e.V.


conservatory in Overrath (photo 970_8610)

conservatory 970

conservatory in Overrath (photo 970_8560)

conservatory in Overrath 970

RAL- colourfan

An overview about all RAL Classic corlours and a lot of detailled information you’ll get on the website of RAL gemeinützige GmbH in Sankt Augustin.


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