Tradition • Innovation • Vision for over 40 years

10 good reasons speak for Sunshine products

Decades of market influence

Tradition, innovation and vision determine the company history This gives you security

Innovative Technology

Symbiosis of aluminium welding technology and EcoSun.ahr decades of market influence

Qualification according to EN 1090

Sunshine complies with the EN 1090 certification required by law from 01.07.2014 for factory production control.

Professional Management

Comprehensive support from Sunshine engineers from consultation to acceptance.

Manufacture and distribution ex works

All products can be purchased directly from the manufacturer.

Offer with fixed price guarantee

Once the design and equipment concept has been established, a fixed price offer is drawn up.

Engineer - Architectural work

Processing of building applications, detailed planning with ancillary trades and all building law proofs.

Short assembly times

Prefabricated, large-format roof and wall elements save time and meet deadlines.

Aluminium welding

Gracile, stable spatial structures, complete freedom of design and an appearance “as if from a single mould”.

Exclusive - Individual manufacture files

Uniqueness, attractive design and high quality create prestige buildings of lasting value.