Extend the outdoor season

Create a place in the sun for your guests. No matter which Sunshine product you choose, a fully automatic OpenAir sliding roof or a modern sliding glass roof Cabrio, your guests will be seated on the “sunny-side” and they will be offered most possible convenience.

Sliding roof “OpenAir” – feeling of open space

The OpenAir sliding roof system allows for roof openings of up to 70 % , thus giving the sensation of being on an open patio.
Its sliding segments are continuously adjustable to any position and offer excellent climate control as well as creating a more open space.

Details about OpenAir-sliding roof...

4-part OpenAir sliding roof with opened roof (photo 788ao)

4-part OpenAir sliding roof with opened roof

Sliding roof “Cabrio” – providing free views every day

Create an open-air sensation with a Cabrio sliding roof. Offering protection from the wayward weather off-season, this sliding roof can be opened during the summer, when your guests will be attracted to the beauty of fresh air.
Enjoy “peak season” all year round.

Details about Cabrio-sliding roof...

Cabrio sliding roof opened (photo 992_2891)

Cabrio sliding roof opened