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Outdoor season all year round

Create a place in the sun for your guests. Whichever Sunshine product you choose, whether a fully automatic sliding roof OpenAir or a modern, sliding glass roof Cabrio, with our products your guests sit on the “sunny side” of life and enjoy their stay with you even longer.

Sliding roof "OpenAir" - experience openness

4-part open-air sliding roof in conservatory roof (object 788). Additional guest room through conservatory with fully automatic OpenAir sliding roof in the impressive size of 32 m width and 9.5 m depth.
4-part OpenAir sliding roof in the conservatory roof
OpenAir is a sliding roof system for very large areas. The single sliding panel reaches dimensions up to 4 x 12 m ( W x D ) and can be equipped with up to 3 sliding wings. The good thermal insulation of the system achieves living space quality.

Sliding roof "Cabrio" - free view on every day

Convertible sunroof for guest room in Lengenfeld (Object 992) When the weather is fine, the electric drive simply pushes the convertible glass roof to the side and the guests sit outside - Picture: Sliding roof open.
Cabrio sliding roof for guest area in Lengenfeld

Creating “free spaces” with a Cabrio sliding roof. Protected from the capricious weather during the low season, this sliding roof can easily be pushed aside during the summer months when it draws guests into the fresh air. “High season all year round”.