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OpenAir sliding roof - the highlight for outdoor catering

From now on, your guests can sit outside, sheltered from wind and weather. The fully automatic OpenAir sliding roof creates a carefree beer garden atmosphere at all times. You simply slide the roof open and your guests are sitting on a terrace. Large folding sliding doors reinforce this “topless character”.

This open-air character lifts the mood of the guests, they feel more comfortable than in confined spaces or large halls. Additional room dividers allow different groups of guests to use the space at the same time. A “brilliant idea”, especially in times of the amendment to the non-smoker protection law.

And in all weathers, because the roof elements close automatically when it rains. A modern glass roof provides invigorating daylight, even in the darker months of the year, and economical thermal insulation in bad weather.

Guestroom conservatory with OpenAir sliding roof on Norderney (Object 4-part OpenAir sliding roof integrated in guestroom conservatory with a size of 12 x 6 meters)
Guest room conservatory with open-air sliding roof on Norderney