OpenAir sliding roof - the highlight for outdoor gastronomy

From now on, your guests will sit protected from wind and weather, yet outdoors. The fully automatic sliding roof OpenAir creates a carefree beer garden atmosphere at all times. Simply slide the roof open and your guests sit on a terrace. Large folding sliding doors reinforce this “topless character”.

This open-air character lifts the mood of the guests, they feel more comfortable than in narrow rooms or large halls. Additional partition walls allow simultaneous use by different groups of guests. Especially in times of the amendment of the protection of non-smokers, this is an “exciting idea”.

And that in any weather, because the roof elements close automatically when it rains. A modern glass roof provides invigorating daylight, even in the dark months of the year, and economical thermal insulation in bad weather.


Guestroom conservatory with OpenAir sliding roof on Norderney (Object 4-part OpenAir sliding roof integrated in guestroom conservatory with a size of 12 x 6 meters)
OpenAir sliding roof 1041_4675


The actually realizable dimensions are also dependent on the local conditions.




Object 788 – Strandhotel Darstein in Altrip

4-part OpenAir sliding roof in conservatory roof (object 788). Additional guest room through conservatory with fully automatic OpenAir sliding roof in the impressive size of 32 m width and 9.5 m depth.
OpenAir sliding roof 788w

With this OpenAir – sliding roof an additional guest room in the impressive size of 32 meters width and 9.5 meters depth was created for the Hotel Darstein. The highlight here is the fully automatic sliding roof, whose surface can be opened up to 70 %.

Object 1041 – Hotel Georgshöhe in Norderney

Conservatory with OpenAirs sliding roof on Norderney (Object 1041)  4-part OpenAir sliding roof integrated in guestroom conservatory with a size of 12 x 6 meters
OpenAir sliding roof 1041_665

In the course of extensive conversion and renovation measures at the Strandhotel Georgshöhe on Norderney, a large extension of the guest area was created by a 14 x 6 meter winter garden in the restaurant area and the terrace roofing in the outdoor area for the catering of the guests.

Object 950 – Café Faust in Großenhain

OpenAir sliding roof in conservatory in Großenhain (object 950).
OpenAir sliding roof 950_2646

Functional glass architecture provides the Faust ice cream parlour in Großenhain with satisfied guests who like to return to this oasis of tranquillity. This conservatory, 14 metres wide and 7 metres deep, is a little closer to heaven.