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Roof windows - sliding roof windows

OpenAir (move vertically)

3-part OpenAir sliding roof window in Würzburg (Object 925). The open OpenAir roof window allows free access to the roof terrace.
OpenAir sliding roof window in Würzburg (Object 925).

up to 4 meters wide and 12 meters high

It consists of up to 3 sliding wings which can be pushed upwards in a shingle shape.

Panorama (move horizontally)

Panorama_roof_slidingwindow  in Darmstadt (object 983). Light, air and a stimulating working atmosphere in Darmstadt's artists' studio through a 4-part Panorama AL roof sliding window (370 cm x 350 cm).
Panorama roof sliding window in Darmstadt (Object 983).

up to 12 meters wide and 3.5 meters high.

It consists of up to 2 sliding wings, which can be pushed to the side. An electric drive is recommended for larger sashes.

With functional glass architecture

get the most important life elixirs, light and fresh air, in your attic. Enjoy the "open-air feeling". Use the opening in the roof as an observatory or as an exit to the roof terrace. And should rain clouds suddenly fall, an automatic control system automatically closes the open roof surface in the shortest possible time. With their filigree design and flush installation, Sunshine roof sliding windows are the right choice for listed buildings without sacrificing innovative details and sophisticated architecture.