Roof glazing – roof sliding windows

OpenAir (slide upwards)

OpenAir roof sliding window (Photo 925_0032)

OpenAir roof sliding window

OpenAir is a roof sliding window system for large openings of up to

4 meters in width and 12 meters in height

It consists of up to 3 sections, which slide bottom up.

Details about OpenAir roof sliding windows...

Panorama (slide sideways)

Panorama roof sliding window (photo 983_3699)

Panorama roof sliding window

Panorama is a roof sliding window system for large openings of up to

12 meters in width and 3.5 meters in height

It consists of up to 2 sliding elements which move sideways.

Details about Panorama roof sliding windows...

By using functional glass architecture,
introduce the most important elixirs of life into your attic – light and fresh air. Use the roof opening as an observatory or your exit to the roof terrace. If rainy clouds suddenly appear, automatic control will close the open roof surface in the shortest period possible.

Thanks to their slimline design and built-in flushed surfaces, these custom-made, grand and spacious roof sliding windows are the right solution for listed historical buildings, without having to give up innovative details and modern architecture.

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OpenAir Dachschiebefenster

Dachschiebefenster OpenAir Wohnraumdachfenster mit bis zu 4 Meter breit und 12 Meter hoch mit vertikaler Schieberichtung.


Panorama Dachschiebefenster

Dachschiebefenster Panorama Wohnraumdachfenster bis zu 12 Meter breit und 3,5 Meter hoch mit seitlicher Schieberichtung.


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