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1st place for the Sunshine OpenAir roof window

Metallbaupreis 2011 (Metal construction award)

Sunshine OpenAir roof window was awarded the German award for metal constructions (Metallbaupreis) in 2011.

During the Metal Construction Conference, on 4th November 2011, the 1st prize was awarded in the Electoral Palace (Kurfürstliches Schloss) in Koblenz. The decisive factor for awarding the prize was the extraordinary and innovative construction of the OpenAir roof sliding window, together with the quality concept, design and workmanship.

Video shows the use and benefits

The interview in text form

Here we have a Sunshine OpenAir roof sliding window with the dimensions of 4 meters in width and 4.70 meters in height. The window consists of 4 parts, that is 3 sliding elements and an upper fixed section.

In this case the upper fixed section is made of sandwich plates for design purposes. The sliding elements are equipped with triple glazing of Ug-value 0.6. Furthermore, the glazing possesses the sun protection function so that the energy input to the room is considerably reduced.

The window is fitted in an attic which was converted into a wellness area. In this way we have the option to open this area towards the terrace alongside the window or to enjoy the full view of Bonn, with a closed window during the less enjoyable, colder season. The sliding window is driven by means of a frequency controlled electric motor which is manually operated. Ramp control for moving as well as for stopping above at the endpoint enables smooth accelerating and braking.

This type of roof window is subject to European Machinery Directives. Load-bearing, reinforced toothed belts are applied, while shock absorbers enable damped stopping in the lower position and a cleat at the lower section stops the downward movement of the window as soon as it bumps into an object. In such a case the window automatically starts lifting, instead of closing. Sliding elements move at the speed of about 3.4 m per minute.

The building owner: We chose such a big window in order to enjoy a great view of Bonn. We can see the area all the way from the Siebengebirge Mountains, over the entire city, to the Cologne Cathedral. Window sections which are opened upwards allow us a wide, free approach to the terrace, joining the room and the terrace into a single space.