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Roof sliding window assembly in a few hours

Complete prefabrication in the factory and the use of high-quality and stainless materials guarantee consistent quality and conservation of value. This guarantees short assembly times with cost savings and adherence to schedules.

Series of pictures of a roof window installation in Vienna

1. preparation of the installation opening

OpenAir roof sliding window in Vienna (object 1055). Prepare installation opening...
Assembly OpenAir roof sliding window 1-from-3

2. place the whole unit on the ground by crane

OpenAir roof sliding window in Vienna (object 1055). ...set on with crane...
Assembly OpenAir roof sliding window 2-from-3

3. align and fix

OpenAir roof sliding window in Vienna (object 1055). ...align and fix

Video of a roof window assembly in Berlin Mitte

This video shows the delivery of two Panorama roof windows on a low loader and the subsequent assembly with the help of a crane.

These are 2 Panorama sliding roof windows (type AL 2-part), 430 x 370 cm (WxH) with laminated safety thermal insulation glass (Ug-value 0.6).

Additional equipment: electric motor drive for sliding the sash and external awnings for shading the installation.

The size of the two windows required transport with a special low-loader.

Further examples of roof window installations

Assembly of two OpenAir sliding roof windows at Koppenplatz in Berlin