Sliding roofs for conservatories and terrace roofs

Our experienced team implemented the idea to open up the conservatory through spacious roof sliding sections. The systems meet the Energy Saving Regulation (EnEV) and provide both comfortable and stimulating daylight and economic heat insulation in bad weather.

Cabrio sliding roof

Cabrio sliding roof in Königstein (object 1058). The movable glass roof creates an unobstructed view
Glass sliding roof 1058_4624

A modern glass roof simultaneously provides invigorating daylight and economical thermal insulation in bad weather.

It’s just a pity that you can’t just push the whole roof aside when the weather is really nice. This is exactly where the Sunshine convertible sunroof offers the perfect solution.

OpenAir sliding roof

OpenAir-sliding roof 4-part in conservatory in Moscow (object 1. residential conservatory with 4-part OpenAir-sliding roof and electrochromic glasses for the control of view and sun protection on the roof terrace of a Moscow high-rise)
Glass sliding roof 1064_5846

OpenAir sliding roof offers first-class comfort for your home and excellent climate control. It consists of up to 3 sections, which slide bottom up and can be placed one next to another without limitatation as to the width. By sliding the windows to any wanted position, you enable an opening up to 70%.