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Cabrio sliding roof provides a free perspective

Convertible sunroofs are roof constructions that can be moved horizontally as a complete unit by electric drive.
The roof shapes are almost arbitrarily selectable. The good thermal insulation of the construction also allows it to be used as a living space closure. Special elegance and rigidity are achieved by the aluminium welding technology. You will find many ideas and examples in our
Cabrio sliding roof 1058
2-part Cabrio-sliding roof in Koenigstein
Cabrio sliding roof 992
When the weather is nice, simply push aside and the guests sit outside.
Cabrio sliding roof 1146
Sliding roof protects guests of the Sir Nicolai Hotel in Hamburg
Cabrio sliding roof 1131
This generous, 2-part Cabrio sliding roof 1360 x 650 cm (WxD) opens the private swimming hall at Lake Möhnesee
Cabrio sliding roof 1121
Luxury at the river cruising ships "Emerald Sky" and "Emerald "Star". With a variable and extraordinary public room which is usable as swimming hall. Through the lifting of the poolground a dancing area is arising. The clou at this thing is that the cabrio-sliding roof opened the room to the sun deck.
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