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Experience openness with the OpenAir sliding roof

The OpenAir sliding roof system offers first-class living comfort and excellent climate control. It consists of up to 3 sliding segments, which can be pushed from bottom to top in the downhill direction.
The stable construction allows individual window areas of up to 4 x 12 metres, which can be arranged in any order. In addition to use in the conservatory roof area, this Sunshine technology is also ideal for terrace roofs. The system has been used profitably in the catering and hotel trade for decades. You will find many ideas and examples in our
OpenAir sliding roof 1064
OpenAir sliding roof 4-part in the conservatory in Moscow
OpenAir sliding roof 990
Terrace roofing with integrated, 4-part OpenAir sliding roof in Merzenich, Germany
OpenAir sliding roof 1098
Living room conservatory with combination of tiled roof and OpenAir sliding roof
OpenAir sliding roof 1166
Spacious swimming pool conservatory (width 12 m, depth 10 m). The roof can be opened by a 4-part OpenAir sliding roof.
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