Exceptional Panoramic glazing

Sliding roof windows up to twelve metres wide create a spectacular atmosphere and bring a lot of daylight into the attic. Innovative shading options protect against summer heat and dazzling sunrays.

Daylight is a feel-good factor, especially in the attic. With generous glazing, a lot of sunlight can fall in and a great view of the surroundings can be offered. In summer, however, the heat quickly builds up here. Simple ventilation and shading should be taken into account when choosing glazing.

Panorama roof sliding windows from Sunshine Wintergarten combine almost all comfort requirements. Due to their extraordinary dimensions they offer a breathtaking view and are easy to open and close. With the help of adapted external or internal shading, living comfort under the roof is maintained even in heat and sunshine.

Panorama roof window in Heusenstamm (Object 984). The AL panorama window is available with two and four sashes. In the large variant, the two middle glass elements are pushed under the outer, fixed wings.
Panorama roof sliding window 984_0007
Panorama roof window in Berlin (object 1109). Panoramic sliding roof windows as attic lighting and comfortable exit to the roof terrace - flush installation
Panorama sliding roof window 1109_0321

With dimensions of up to twelve metres wide and up to three and a half metres high, Sunshine Wintergarten’s Panorama roof sliding windows allow an extraordinary amount of light and brightness into the room.

The Panorama AL model consists of two or four glass wings, depending on the surface to be glazed. Depending on the design, up to two of the glass elements can be moved horizontally, and when opened, they are pushed under the fixed elements to save space.

The Panorama AH roof sliding windows consist only of movable sashes. They are pushed horizontally between the roof covering and the interior lining and can therefore no longer be seen when open. This creates a unique open-air feeling in the attic.

Extensive equipment for comfort and sun protection

All panorama windows can be opened by hand or by means of a built-in drive. The automated variant is particularly suitable for larger and thus heavier wing elements.

In addition, the glass surfaces can be equipped with intelligent wind, rain, sun and temperature sensors that control opening and closing depending on the weather conditions.

Panorama skylight in Küssnacht in Switzerland (object 1111). Panorama sliding roof windows allow plenty of sunlight into the room, allow a view of the surroundings and thus create an extraordinary atmosphere. Internal roller blinds offer protection from dazzling sun rays and can be adapted to the size of the window.
Panorama sliding roof window 1111_DG

The equipment options for roof sliding windows also include various types of glass, from super warm glass to solar control glass and active glass. For a pleasant cool atmosphere in summer under the roof, the choice of suitable shading plays an important role. Adapted to the respective roof window, awnings, shutters, interior blinds and blackout blinds are available.


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