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Glass sliding roof in Athens

Just in time for the start of the bathing season, this large OpenAir sliding roof was installed over the bathing area of a private house in Athens.

Irrespective of weather conditions, the closed sliding roof offers family and guests protection at all times.

With the roof open, enjoying the sun and the free view into the sky creates a holiday feeling and relaxation.

The dimensions of the roof are 10800 mm in width and 6200 mm in depth. It consists of 4 sliding panels of 2700 x 6200 mm (width x depth) each. Each of these 4 sliding panels has 3 sliding wings which park under a fourth fixed wing when open. The sliding sashes are moved steplessly by electric drive and were equipped with bullet-resistant and splinter-binding laminated safety glass for this construction project.

OpenAir sliding roof in Thessaloniki.
OpenAir Sliding roof 1142_0717
OpenAir sliding roof in Thessaloniki.
OpenAir Sliding roof 1142_0740

The supporting structure and the frames of the sliding wings are made of seawater-resistant, pre-odised and white powder-coated aluminium and are therefore particularly suitable for use in swimming pools and indoor pools. Rails, rollers. Bearings and fasteners are made of stainless steel and require no maintenance. The necessary earthquake protection measures were also taken into account in the design.

OpenAir sliding roof constructions can be manufactured in any size. However, the width of a single sliding panel should not exceed 4000 mm. They are highly resilient, can withstand wind and weather and function reliably even when exposed to seawater or desert sand.

OpenAir sliding roof in Thessaloniki.
OpenAir Sliding roof 1142_0711

Another example for the use of an OpenAir glass sliding roof directly on the beach is the documentation of the Strandhotel Georgshöhe in Norderney.

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