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Once upon a time there was granny’s old attic…

Storerooms, wool mice and antique fog in the attic are a thing of the past – instead, OpenAir feeling and a Panorama view are the order of the day. Large sliding roof windows ensure optimum light incidence and make an important contribution to living comfort under the roof.
Everybody knows him, hardly anyone likes him: Grandma’s old attic. Dark corners, dusty boxes and cardboard boxes that have been tested by rodents for years for their bite resistance. Even today, attics are still considered cramped and dark. They often degenerate into dusty storerooms – unjustly. Roofed rooms are more predestined than other living spaces of a house to create a bright, friendly living atmosphere. Due to the pitch of the roof, at least twice as much sunlight can enter the living area – provided that the windows have the same surface area – as with facade windows of the same size. The incident light creates a pleasant feel-good ambience and an improved quality of life. In addition, rooms flooded with light not only appear friendly and inviting, but also larger and more spacious.
Panorama roof sliding window in Darmstadt (Object 983). The Panorama roof sliding window creates a special atmosphere in every attic floor by means of a lot of light. So your eyes can wander from home into the distance.
Panorama roof sliding window in Darmstadt (Object 983)
In order to venture into new living worlds and achieve the optimum under the roof, large roof windows are required. These are available in different variants and can be arranged in many different ways. Those who want to have a maximum of daylight and an impressive view into the sky should have a look at Sunshine’s panorama roof sliding windows. Due to their gigantic dimensions, they offer an open-air feeling of the extra class, allowing daylight and fresh air to shine in maximum doses into the attic and the starry sky every night.
Panorama is a horizontal roof sliding system for large openings up to 12 meters wide and 3.5 meters high. It consists of one or two wings that can be pushed to the side. To open, the gigantic glass window elements, manually or with the help of electrical automation, are simply pushed under fixed elements or the roof. The large glass elements allow optimal light to enter the room at any time and even on rainy days the attic floor is optimally illuminated. Panorama can also be used as an almost barrier-free exit to a roof terrace or balcony.
The equipment options for roof sliding windows include various types of glass, from super warm glass to solar control glass and active glass. In addition, awnings, roller shutters, interior blinds, blackout blinds and automatic controls for temperature, sun, wind and rain are available.
Panorama roof sliding window in Darmstadt (Object 983). Light, air and a stimulating working atmosphere in Darmstadt's artists' studio through 4-part Panorama-AL sliding roof window (370 cm x 350 cm)
Roof awning on Panorama sliding roof window
The installable dimensions depend on the installation angle (10° to 90°), the expected snow load and the installation height above ground and normal zero.

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