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OpenAir roof window in Poland

When planning this new residential building, a living room of the house was moved to the top floor in order to be able to enjoy an undisturbed view of the adjacent lake from a higher control room, so to speak. The originally planned loggia would have taken up too much living space and so the client chose the OpenAir sliding roof windows as the best solution to open the living space as desired.

OpenAir roof window in Poland (photo 1145_0856)

The dimensions of the window with 400 x 440 cm (width x height) lend the living space a conservatory atmosphere without sacrificing comfort. The external awning ensures summer thermal insulation; the glazing (Ug value 0.6), which minimizes heat loss during the heating period and provides comfort.
The movement of the sliding wings and the awning is convenient electric and automatic , which responds to sun, wind and rain. The three sliding wings can be moved steplessly upwards towards the roof ridge and park under the fourth fixed wing. This opens up the living space and turns it into a spacious roof terrace.

OpenAir roof window Poland 1145_0863

Technical facts of this OpenAir sliding roof window


3-part OpenAir roof sliding window (9 glass panes) made of thermally separated aluminium profiles with laminated safety thermal insulation glazing, 2 sliding sashes moving under upper fixed glazing, electric motor, safety contact strip (anti-trap protection), ball-bearing rollers, stainless steel running rails, drainage in support gutter with connection for rainwater downpipe, as well as coniferous laminated timber frame

Dimensions and installation situation

Outside window dimensions measured at an inclination: 400 x 440 cm (W x H)
and opening dimensions 358 x 250 cm ( W x H)
Installation angle / Roof pitch: approx. 35°
Installation height in the building (above ground / road level): approx. 5 m
Height above sea level: 32 m
Snow load: 1.08 kN/m2
Installation location: Poland 75-900 Koszalin

Special features

Outdoor awning approx. 400 x 440 cm (W x H) with weatherproof Soltis covering, electric drive and solar wind automatic
Triple glazing (high thermal insulation, Ug-value 0.6 W/m2K according to DIN EN 673)
Sun protection function g-value 20 % (20 % maximum energy input)

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