DecoArt-conservatories in Victorian style

DecoArt-conservatories revive the charm of the Victorian times. Every epoch get her own style. The government from queen Victoria of Great Britain 1837 to 1901 is deemed to be the temporal border for the Victorian style. A styletrend that is stitching through his elegance and opulence and relive a comeback.

Configuration with styling elements
Whether if orangery, fireplace or reading room, living room extension or personal refugium, the DecoArt-conservatories guarantee with adornmentelements like muntinvetrification, adornmentprofiles, bullets, columns, bassetsliders and ornaments a stylish performance.Due to modern technic through the EcoSun configuration the conservatories disposing about an excellent thermal insulation (Ug-Value = 0,5 W/m2K)

DecoArt stylistic elements (photo 1097_3495)

DecoArt stylistic elements


adornmentcolumn and ornamentgrid (photo 1079)

adornmentcolumn and ornamentgrid

outside lightning in the chevronadornmenthead (photo 666u)

outside lightning in the chevronadornmenthead

adornmentmuntins in athwartgable (photo 1075_9679)

adornmentmuntins in athwartgable

muntinwindow with segmentbow (photo 1086_3823)

muntinwindow with segmentbow

pagodaroof with adornmentbasset and milkworts (photo 1110_1930)

pagodaroof with adornmentbasset and milkworts (photo 1110_1930)

Certified welding specialist

Sunshine is a certified welding specialist for aluminium and steel. In addition to the common bolted systems we manufacture extra filigree, torsion-resistant welded glass roof constructions crafted by our skilled welding experts.

Company credentials

  • Certified specialist acc. to EN 1090 incl. EXC2
    • determining dimensions, production, welding, mechanical connection, corrosion protection
    • welding of steel
    • welding of aluminium
  • Member of Bundesverband Wintergarten e.V.
  • Manufacturer qualification

One source production

Our team of specialists will build you a conservatory that will make your dreams come true.
We will build your conservatory out of aluminium, steel or wood, or a combination of these materials. Year-round usage is guaranteed by high-quality materials and decades of experience.
We offer "A to Z" service; you can rely on our high quality service, from planning to completion of your building project.

You buy all products directly from the manufacturer with no middlemen involved.

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Isothermenberechnung des Traufpunktes beim FineArt-Wintergarten (german version)

Isothermenberechnung des Traufpunktes (german version)

Wärmedurchgangskoeffizient des Traufpunktes (german version)

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