FineArt-conservatory – living in the light

Open, modern residential architecture in clear language of form is in trend. Light-flooded Sunshine conservatories combine contemporary architecture design including the desire to more light, transparency and ease with refined detailed solutions, slim truss and gracile wall elements and enable a close to nature living emotion.

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Filigree glass architecture in ingenious post-and-beam system
The roof contours of this constructure are taken in the wall elements and thereby the free view as well as an optimal incidence of light are guaranteed. Even at temperature falls this winter garden remains comfortably – the very good thermal insulation of the glazing with an Ug-value (heat transfer coefficient) of 0,5 W / m2K (according to EN 673) always causes a good coziness.

Filigree glass architecture with rail structures

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Project 839

FineArt conservatory (photo 839_0317)

FineArt conservatory 839 0317

Project 988

FineArt conservatory (photo 988_4710)

FineArt conservatory 988 4710

Project 869

FineArt conservatory (photo 869_0150)

FineArt conservatory 869 0150

Project 1027

FineArt conservatory (photo 1027_191)

FineArt conservatory 1027 191

Certified welding specialist

Sunshine is a certified welding specialist for aluminium and steel. In addition to the common bolted systems we manufacture extra filigree, torsion-resistant welded glass roof constructions crafted by our skilled welding experts.

Company credentials

  • Certified specialist acc. to EN 1090 incl. EXC2
    • determining dimensions, production, welding, mechanical connection, corrosion protection
    • welding of steel
    • welding of aluminium
  • Member of Bundesverband Wintergarten e.V.
  • Manufacturer qualification

One source production

Our team of specialists will build you a conservatory that will make your dreams come true.
We will build your conservatory out of aluminium, steel or wood, or a combination of these materials. Year-round usage is guaranteed by high-quality materials and decades of experience.
We offer "A to Z" service; you can rely on our high quality service, from planning to completion of your building project.

You buy all products directly from the manufacturer with no middlemen involved.

What documents do I need for my building application? (german version)

FAQ - frequently asked questions (german version)

Life behind glass - good for plants and people? (german version)

Welded aluminium construction (german version)

EcoSun - features for your conservatory (german version)

Rafter cross section (german version)

Isothermenberechnung des Traufpunktes beim FineArt-Wintergarten (german version)

Isothermenberechnung des Traufpunktes (german version)

Wärmedurchgangskoeffizient des Traufpunktes (german version)

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