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SunArt conservatory – timeless modern

SunArt conservatories are designed in the style of time and could configurated with all technical finesse. The EcoSun-configuration take care for a comfortable residental clime for every time of the year. The roofstructure could be optional designed with the Sunshine-Aluminium-welding technology. The conservatories bear up every atmosphetic exposure and provide a filigree and elegant design combined with ideal lightwealth.

You will find many ideas and examples in our
SunArt Conservatory 400
2-storey conservatory in Gummersbach
SunArt conservatory 993
Living conservatory with hipped roof and embarked saddle roof in Düsseldorf
SunArt conservatory 1104
SunArt conservatory in south-east view with sliding window in Coesfeld
SunArtn conservatory 1056
Conservatory with segmental arched roof in Mühlheim
SunArt conservatory 633z
Enjoy the evening atmosphere in a wintry atmosphere with garden connection
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Home conservatory with sophisticated technology

SunArt conservatories are built for eternity and consist of durable and long-lasting materials such as thermally insulated or thermally decoupled aluminium profiles. If the design and structural requirements permit, the roof structures of the conservatories are either made of modular profiles or, in the case of higher requirements, as self-supporting welded roof structures. As a rule, the frames of the wall elements consist of outstandingly thermally insulated wall, window and door profiles, as described in detail in the Windows and Doors catalogue. Together with high-quality thermal insulation glazing (super-warm glass Ug-value of 0.5 W/m²K according to EN 673), corresponding glass functions as well as sun protection and ventilation components, SunArt conservatories can be used all year round and will also delight future generations with pleasant living characteristics.