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Opening glass roof at the Hotel Sir Nikolai in Hamburg

The Dutch hotel chain Sir Hotels had an eleven-storey office building at Katharinenstrasse 29 (Nikolaifleet) in Hamburg converted into a 5-star hotel. The name of the new luxury hotel is “Sir Nikolai”.

As a special highlight, the atrium was equipped with a Cabrio glass sliding roof that can be opened, in which the two middle parts can be driven in an extended rail system over the fixed separators. Thus the opening is larger than the fixed glazing.

The opening is planned for winter 2016 / 2017.

3D sketch in the offer phase

3D sketch of the closed convertible glass sliding roof
3D closed
3D sketch of the open convertible glass sliding roof

Installation of the glass roof to be opened

The initial situation at the beginning of assembly

Cabrio glass sliding roof in Hamburg (object 1146).
Preparing the opening

The panes, measuring 125 x 250 cm, were lifted by crane into the inner courtyard of the hotel and placed on the welded aluminium roof structure.

Cabrio glass sliding roof in Hamburg (object 1146).
Insert panes with glass suction cup
Cabrio glass sliding roof in Hamburg (object 1146).
closed Cabrio glass sliding roof
Cabrio glass sliding roof in Hamburg (object 1146).
partially opened Cabrio glass sliding roof

Light-flooded dining room

It is a mullion-transom construction with EcoSun equipment and highly heat-insulating triple glazing on a free-span saddle roof construction.

Cabrio glass sliding roof in Hamburg (object 1146). Cabrio glass sunroof in Hamburg protects the guests of the Sir Nicolai Hotel
Cabrio sliding roof 1146_0276
Cabrio glass sliding roof in Hamburg (object 1146).
Cabrio Schiebedach 1146_0269

Technical facts of this Cabrio glass sliding roof


Rooflight made of coloured, thermally separated or decoupled and torsionally stiff welded aluminium saddle-walm roof construction


width: 915 cm
length: 500 cm
Height: 75 to 100 cm


Triple thermal insulation laminated safety glass in EcoSun insulation system (20 glass panels, Ug/ Uf value 0.6 / 0.8 W / m2K according to EN 673, values apply to vertical glazing).

Opening elements

Integrated Sunshine-Cabrio sliding roof on stainless steel rails rolling above the fixed roof. Driven by two low-noise gearboxes – electric motor drives, on extended rail systems, outside the skylight. Embedding of the rails in aluminium guide profiles with additional drainage levels. Storage of the construction on concrete substructures constructed on site according to our specifications.

Dimensions of the Cabrio sliding roof

500 x 500 cm (opening approx. 460 x 460 cm)

Special features

  • Activ glass (cleaning supporting surface)
  • Rafter recessed luminaires with 2.5 W warm light LED, cable routing in rafters, drivers

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