Aluminium welded construction


When planning a conservatory, users and project developers ask themselves the question of the ideal material in terms of aesthetics, strength and durability, the choice must be aluminium as the best material variant. Therefore in the meantime a multiplicity of aluminum profiles is available for the building of winter gardens, from which the wall elements and the roof supporting structures can be put together by means of screw connections.

For highest requirements

If, however, higher demands on aesthetics and stability have to be met, this joining technology is not sufficient and the company switches to welding technology. Welding makes it possible to join the entire cross-section of the individual profiles together. This means that much higher forces can be transmitted with smaller cross-sections.

Elegant and filigree

This technology gives the roof and room structures the desired stiffening against wind forces and snow loads with a transparent and filigree appearance. The construction impresses with its elegant appearance, which appears to be “made of one piece” and represents a valuable investment for the future due to its individual craftsmanship and design.

Aluminium welding technology in pictures

Node formation "as if made of one piece". Aluminium welding technology guarantees the symbiosis of stability and filigree appearance.
Aluminium welded 01
"Like one piece" thanks to aluminium welding technology.
Aluminium welded 04
Node formation "as if made of one piece". Aluminium welding technology guarantees the symbiosis of stability and filigree appearance.
Aluminium welded 02

Advantages of aluminium welding technology

Fulfilment of all design wishes
Implementation of sophisticated architecture
modern and historical roof shapes
elegant details
discreet installation of light sources in the rafters possible

resistant and corrosion-resistant materials
seawater resistant aluminium alloys
Maintenance of value through age-resistant material
Permanent tightness due to flexible sealing system

Time and cost savings
maintenance-free design
low maintenance requirements due to narrow, flat glass sealing profiles
Structure protected against soiling due to internal structure

Complete prefabrication in the factory
Carcass construction on one day usual
largely weather-independent completion
Schedule security for subsequent work

spatial and homogeneous supporting structure
self-supporting, torsion-resistant construction
massive profile walls
Welded connections instead of screw and plug connections
perfect wind reinforcement, even in extreme weather conditions

specially developed, highly thermally insulated profile/sealing system
Profiles with Uf values up to 0.8 W/m2K
low energy consumption
low heating costs
Comfort at any time of the year

optical effect “as if made of one piece
slim profiles
filigree construction
seamless joints
rounded profile transitions
graceful eaves formation
no stiffening frame or external roof structure

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