Welded aluminium constructions


If you are a user or a project developer planning the construction of a conservatory and wondering what the material with the ideal aesthetic appearance, strength and durability is, you must choose aluminium as the best variant. We therefore offer numerous types of aluminium profiles for the construction of winter gardens, from which wall elements and bearing roof structures can be assembled by using screw connections.

For highest demands

If there are higher aesthetical and stabilisation demands, this connection technique will not be adequate and you will need to resort to welding. Welding enables the connecting of the entire profile cross-section and allows the transfer of unequal larger forces in smaller cross-sections.

Sophisticated and filigree

This technique will provide the necessary reinforcement for the bearing roof or spatial structures, necessary to oppose the force of the wind in a similar way as a concrete panel would, thus enabling transparent filigree appearance. The observer will notice this elegant connection technique.

Project examples

Advantages of the welding technology