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Air and light for the attic floor

Dark attic dungeons were yesterday. Architects and building owners have long since recognised how large windows can be used to conjure up light-flooded oases of well-being from attics.

In probably no other room in the house can such a friendly living atmosphere be created as in the rooms under the sloping roof. However, generous window areas are a prerequisite. Because it is the incident light that creates the desired feel-good ambience.

In addition, rooms flooded with light also appear larger and more spacious. Windows installed at floor level can also be used as a barrier-free exit to the balcony or roof terrace. This turns an attic room into an OpenAir paradise.

Large window areas for plenty of light

Roof windows are available in different versions and can be arranged in many different ways. However, if you want to enjoy maximum daylight and an impressive view of the sky, you should consider Sunshine’s sliding roof windows. With gigantic dimensions of up to twelve metres wide and four metres high, they create an open-air feeling of a class of its own, allowing maximum doses of daylight and fresh air to shine into the attic and the starry sky every night.

Horizontal or vertical opening

Panorama_roof_slidingwindow in Stuttgart (object 1071). Modern roof extension with great view over Stuttgart through 4-part Panorama-AL roof sliding window (900 cm x 350 cm)
Panorama roof window in Stuttgart (Object 1071).

The “Panorama” model is a side-opening sliding roof window system with one or two sashes. Thanks to a sophisticated rail system, the windows can be opened manually with ease. To move the large surfaces even more conveniently, automated variants are also available.

4-part OpenAir sliding roof window in Saarbrücken (object 949). The 4-part OpenAir sliding roof window (350 cm x 450 cm) opens the view of the rural surroundings near Saarbrücken.
4-part OpenAir sliding roof window in Saarbrücken (object 949).

Always equipped with motor are the models “OpenAir”, as they are opened and closed vertically. The motors that Sunshine installs are powerful, quiet and energy-efficient.
An additionally available rain sensor closes the window sashes as if by magic as soon as precipitation is registered.

Various types of glass with a thickness of up to 54 millimetres, double or triple pane glazing, solar control glass and active glass to support cleaning fulfil all the wishes of the client. High-quality aluminium profiles, which can be designed in all RAL colours, even two-coloured inside and outside, ensure a secure hold for decades. Awnings, roller shutters, interior blinds and blackout blinds are also available.

4-part open-air sliding roof window in Frankfurt (object 948). Feeling at home above the roofs of Frankfurt
OpenAir roof sliding window 948_3635
OpenAir roof sliding window in Damme (object 1048). Enjoy the bathing pleasure with a view of the greenery
OpenAir sliding roof window 1048_0751

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