Now color comes into play

Discover the power of colours for your dream home, because colours affect your mood. Goethe has already recognised the influence of colours on people. The perception of colours and their effect on our mood is subject to various factors – Europeans marry in white, others wear white to their funeral.<br>

Colours influence people, but not all of them the same. They are subject to trends and a certain zeitgeist. Architectural constraints should also be taken into account: What colour are the windows in your house? And last but not least, colours are an expression of personal taste.


Conservatory colours - mirrors of Time and Personal Taste


Sunshine also offers you the possibility to design your conservatory in several colours. On the outside a dark colour, which is not so dirt-sensitive, inside a light, warm colour for the mind.

More than 200 colours are available for the selection of the colour of your choice. You can choose your personal colour using a RAL colour fan. Each colour has a number and a name. These standards are understandable and binding for everyone – worldwide! They are defined by the Deutsches Institut für Gütesicherung und Kennzeichnung e.V. (German Institute for Quality Assurance and Labelling).

The world has never been more colourful than today…


Conservatory over 2 floors in Overrath (object 970).
Conservatory over 2 floors in Overrath (object 970).

RAL Classic colour collection

An overview of all RAL Classic colours and a lot of information about the other RAL colours can be found on the website of RAL gemeinützige GmbH in Sankt Augustin.

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